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Ridged Tube Fittings and Repair
Eaton offers the Rynglok product line as today’s state of the art, most cost effective means of permanently attaching aerospace tubing with the greatest performance capability. Rynglok has proven highly effective both in the design and manufacture of new aircraft and the maintenance of existing aircraft fleets, both fixed wing and rotary. Considerable savings can be achieved in system weight and installation time.

Airframe designers of new aircraft can optimize hydraulic and other system tubing routing by using the Rynglok Tube Fitting System. Airline fleet mechanics have discovered how quickly aircraft can be back in revenue service by a speedy repair of a leaky tube with Rynglok. More than two dozen major airlines have adopted the Rynglok system with significant benefits.

Rynglok fittings are available in a variety of pressure classes optimized for performance in different hydraulic systems. Rynglok installation tooling may be customized to meet your needs in terms of tube sizes, cutting and deburring tool needs, power source needs and kit configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides for lowest total installed cost of any tube joining system
  • Low profile, light weight installation tools increase on-aircraft assembly capability enhancing both production and repair capabilities
  • Accommodates all tube wall thicknesses
  • Capable of joining any tube wall thicknesses
  • Accommodates tube float of up to .400 inches
  • Titanium 6Al-4V alloy material
  • Zero leakage with no elastomeric seals
  • Accommodates -65 degrees F to +450 degrees F without thermal hysteris effects
  • Fitting joint unaffected by long term exposure to aerospace fluids

Repair Fittings
Eaton’s Rynglok Tube Fitting System for aircraft tubing repair has provided a new, higher level of value to the maintenance of today’s aircraft. The universal repair fitting minimizes inventory, increase repair flexibility and capability and simplifies logistics. The installation tool system is lightweight and highly portable, with small tool heads that increase the amount of on-aircraft repairs that can be accomplished.

This means increased operational readiness and fewer revenue delays. Rynglok R8 Series Repair Fittings are rated for 8,000PSI operating pressure which means they can be used in any aircraft system where approved without any worry about reliability. And since there are no elastomeric seals that need to be relied on for sealing, Rynglok repairs never need be worried about for future leakage.

Rynglok Repair Fitting Family Type: R80000 Series

Feature and Benefits

  • Universal Repair Fitting
  • Approved by Airbus, Boeing (including McDonnell Douglas aircraft), Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, Cessna, Fokker, ATR
  • Approved by the USAF, US Navy, US Army, and many other military organizations around the world
  • Accommodates all tube material types including Aluminium 2024T0, 6061T6,
  • CRES 21-6-9, All 300 Series, Inconel and Titanium 3Al-2.5V
  • Accommodates all tube wall thicknesses
  • Accommodates tube float of up to .400 inches
  • Available in metric tube sizes; contact Aeroquip for details
  • Installation tooling powered by either air hydraulic intensifier pump or hand operated pump (preferred for fly-away kits)
  • Kits available with tube cutting and deburring tools

Production High Pressure Fittings
Rynglok Production High Pressure Fittings have been designed and extensively qualified for hydraulic systems up to 5,000 psi. Current programs which have selected these fittings as standard equipment include the F/A-18 E/F, F22, and V-22 military aircraft. Through design, development, pre-production, and into production, the Rynglok High Pressure Fitting System has performed flawlessly to enable these programs to meet cost, schedule and performance goals.

Available with Eaton patented ArcSeal dynamic beam separable fitting, or in standard flareless and permanent end configurations, Rynglok fittings provide hydraulic distribution system designers with design alternatives that maximize system performance and minimize system weight.Fittings are available in a variety of straight, elbow, tee, and cross shapes, as well as custom configurations if needed.

Rynglok’s unique Active Swage Technology provides for unparalleled fitting to tube retention, seal integrity, and torsion capability.In addition, Rynglok’s unique, all metal exterior and patented Lightening Strike feature provides added safety and confidence for the aircraft’s critical hydraulic system. The Rynglok High Pressure Fitting Family is available under the L5000/R50000 Series classification.

Production Low Pressure Fittings
Rynglok Low Pressure Production Fittings are designed for tubing systems typically used in cooling and oil systems with pressures of 1,000PSI or less. These weight optimized fittings are made with aluminium alloys utilizing the same Active Swage Technology as the titanium fittings. The same tooling used for the titanium fittings is employed, minimizing tool expense. Low Pressure Production Fittings are only for use with aluminium tubing.

Rynglok Production Low Pressure Fitting Family: RA0000 Series

Feature and Benefits

  • Developed for cooling and oil systems for the F-22 and F/A-18E/F aircraft
  • Available in sizes -04, -06, -08, -10, -12 and -16
  • Lightweight for additional weight savings
  • Same tooling as for titanium fittings

Tool Kits
Rynglok Tool Kits are available in a wide variety of configurations, with various accessories, to suit your specific production or repair needs. Kits are provided in a rugged, long lasting case. Installation tools are protected in custom cut heavy duty plastic foam, with easy to use cut-outs for each specific tool size. Each kit can contain marking gages, inspection gages, a power source, a standard 10 foot long high pressure hose assembly, marking pen, instruction manual and instruction video. Consult detailed kit standard sheets for the specific installation tool sizes contained in each kit. Universal installation tools are available for tube sizes from -03 to -24.

If you are interested in the Rynglok Tool Kits, please contact our dedicated Eaton sales team for further details or to arrange a demo.

Feature and Benefits

  • New Universal Tool Heads capable of either “push” or “pull” motion to maximize installation capability in difficult access areas such as bulkheads, wing root and leading edge, wheel wells and tightly routed tube clusters
  • Tool heads do not require 360 degree access
  • Installation tooling powered by either air hydraulic intensifier or hand operated pump (preferred for fly-away kits)
  • Available for metric tubing; contact Aeroquip for details
  • Kits also available with tube cutting and deburring tools
  • Installation tool heads have optional, integral swivels for increased access maneuverability