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Conductive Gaskets

Modern electrical and RF systems require that joints between metallic surfaces remain in good electrical contact and free from corrosion.

The range of HR Smith Gaskets provide the most simple and cost effective means of producing the reliable good quality electric, corrosion free joints that are essential for advanced RF systems.

The gasket consists of a highly conductive metal film specifically contoured to provide multi-point metal to metal contact, thus reducing RF circulatory currents. A state of the art elastomeric sealant provides a moisture free joint during installation. The pressure exerted during installation also gives a unique self contouring feature to the gaskets. The gasket precisely forms itself to the two metallic surfaces ensuring consistent distribution of conducting contacts over non parallel surfaces. The resulting moisture free contoured RF seal needs no maintenance.

The 10-500-11 series and the 10-500-11A series (Dry fit, designed for use where quick fit and fasturnaround are required) have been subjected to extensive testing and with over 15 years of successful operational service in the most severe naval, land-based and airborne environments has proven market leading performance and reliability.


• Documented operational reliability
• Proven corrosion resistant performance
• Unrivalled DC and RF conductivity
• Lightweight
• Easy installation
• Low life cycle cost
Frequent areas of use:
• Antenna mounting
• Avionic racking
• Airframe access panels
• Microwave waveguides
• E.M.I suppression on aircraft and missile systems.
• Avionic packaging.