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Medium Pressure Teflon Hose (666, 667)

General Characteristics/Chemical resistance
Aeroquip Teflon hose is unaffected by all fuels, oils, alcohols, coolants, or solvents commonly used in aircraft. In addition, it is inert to acids both concentrated and diluted, and oxidizers and propellants used in the missile field.

The Teflon liner has sufficient conductivity to prevent electrostatically induced hose failures. The tube is capable of conducting a direct current equal to or greater than 10 micro-amps in sizes -4, -5, -6 & -8, and 20 micro-amps in size -10 and above with a potential of 1000 volts.

The method of construction of Aeroquip Teflon hose results in a lower volumetric expansion than any elastomer hose. This assures maximum response efficiency in ballistics ejection systems, and brake systems, where there can be no softness under shock load.

Inherent resiliency and toughness are ensured in the extruded tube by close control of factors affecting crystallinity. Additional structural strength is supplied in Aeroquip Teflon hose by the tightly braided stainless steel wire reinforcement. The result is a lightweight hose able to withstand prolonged flexing and vibration under all service conditions.

The extruded tube has a tough, smooth, wax-like texture, which resists erosion. No materials of a sticky or viscous nature will stick to its surface.

Teflon hose has essentially zero moisture absorption. This together with its chemical inertness and anti-adhesive characteristics make it ideal for missile fluid systems where non-contamination and cleanliness are so essential and for pneumatic systems when maintenance of low dew point is necessary.

Shelf life
Service and shelf life of Aeroquip Teflon hose are unlimited for all practical purposes. However, experience has shown that service life on impulsing applications may eventually be limited by fatigue in the wire reinforcement. Maximum service life on such applications is best determined by the operator based on experience.

Application Data
Aeroquip 666/667 Medium Pressure Teflon Hose may be used for all hydrocarbon fuel systems at pressures to 600 psi without qualification. The rate of effusion of gases and resistance to capillary leakage of fluid through the hose lines is controlled by a patented extrusion method used to produce Aeroquip Teflon hose liners.

Operating temperatures
-65°F to +45O°F. fluid and ambient.

Inner tube. Teflon resin. Stainless Steel reinforcement. 666 Hose:Type 300 Series stainless steel wire braid outer cover. 667 Hose: two layers of Type 300 Series stainless steel wire braid.

Aeroquip medium pressure assemblies with 666 and 667 Teflon hose and Compression Crimp and Super Gem Reuseable fittings comply with the MIL-H-25579 industry standard for 1500 psi, high temperature lines for aircraft and missile fluid systems and for ground support use.

Medium Pressure Teflon Hose with Braided Polyester Chafe Guard (AE566)

This is 666 and 667 with a blue polyester braided chafe guard, which provides superior chafe resistance and the flexibility of the hose is not impaired, it adds minimal weight and only increases the hose OD by 0.100” for all sizes. The hose is compatible with the fluids: LD4, Highjet Chevron, Skydrol 500B4, JP-4 (MIL-T-5624), AvGass Grade 100/130 (MIL-C-5572), MIL-L-7808 Lube Oil, Varsol (Cleaning Solvent).

Operating Temperatures
-65°F to +300°F

Medium Pressure Teflon Hose with Integral Silicone Fire Sleeve (AE466)

This is 666 and 667 hose with an integral silicone fire protection, which is applied directly onto the hoses metal braid and end fittings to form a smooth, tight bond. This hose/fire protection cover is non-age sensitive for extra-long service life and does not impair the flexibility of the hose (same minimum bend radius as 666 and 667) while providing an excellent chafe resistance.

AE466 meets the fire test requirements of TSO-C53a Type D and TSO-C75 Type III A and III B.

Operating Temperatures
-65°F to +450°F

Medium Pressure Teflon Hose without telfon carbon lining (AE116)

This is 666 and 667 hose without the conductive carbon lining on the inside of the teflon inner tube. This hose if often used for water potable and oxygen applications.

Operating temperatures
-65°F to +450°F

Common end fittings available from stock

  • Thread type: Flared (MS33656), Flareless (MS33514), BSP
  • Thread size: -3 to -16
  • Fitting style: Straight, 45 deg, 90 deg
  • Material: Aluminium, Cres
  • Other options: Jump Size, Male thread, Lock wire holes