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Low Pressure Rubber Hose (306)

Air or vacuum instrument systems automatic pilots and lines to pressure gages used with these systems as specified in MS33620. Hose assemblies conform to AN6270. Hose conforms to MIL-H-5593. Fittings conform to MIL-A-38726 and MS27404 (Supersedes AN773).

Operating Temperatures
-65°F to +160°F

Inner tube: seamless synthetic rubber compound. Reinforcement: single cotton braid. Outer cover: synthetic rubber cover.

Shelf life
13 quarters from date of hose assembly manufacture. The service life of 306 hose is dependent on the specific application and aircraft manufacturer’s recommendation.

Common end fittings available from stock:

  • Thread type: Flared (MS33656), Flareless (MS33514)
  • Thread size: -2 to -10
  • Fitting style: Straight, 45 deg, 90 deg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Other options: Jump Size