Product List

Chicago Miniature Lamps

Vertically integrated design, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities make Chicago Miniature Lamps (CML) responsive to the needs of aircraft manufacturers and maintenance facilities around the world.

Every aviation lamp CML produce is designed to meet or exceed critical requirements for light output and service life. Each design anticipates environmental, electrical, and photometric conditions for aircraft or ground support applications. And CML inspection, testing, and statistical documentation set the standard for the industry.

The result is a lamp that will not only deliver top rated performance and optimum service life – it will also cost less for you to own an operate.

Choose from a broad range of styles and operating characteristics for an equally diverse range of applications. Status indicators. Instrumentation lighting. Cabin and flight deck lighting. Navigation and anticollision lighting. Inspection lighting.

Specify CML lamps as original equipment or direct replacements for all other lamp brands. For cross-reference data and additional technical information on any or all of our aviation light solutions our sales departments on +44 1903 705747 or +1 954 920 9797.

Incandescent Lamps

CML incandescent lamps are available in a vast array of configurations and performance characteristics. Primary advantages include their bright white light output and their relatively low cost. Because of their unique light output, CML incandescents are a preferreed light source for backlighting, illumination, and indication.

CML’s broad range of incandescent lamps are available in a wide variety of sizes, operating voltages, and light output, and are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the most rigorous aviation applications.

Warning Lamps

CML designs its wide range of aircraft navigation and anticollision lamps to provide the high light output and specified light distribution patterns required in both commerical and private aircraft applications. These high-quality lamps feature unsurpassed durability and consistency to meet the strictest aviation requirements. All lamps carry the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) providing installation eligibility on all applicable aircraft.

Halogen Lamps

CML halogen lamps operate in a ‘halogen regenerative cycle’ which maintains nearly constant light output and color temperature throughout the life of the lamp. The halogen cycle permits the use of more compact bulbs than those of conventional tungsten-filament lamps of comparable ratings. It also allows increasing lamp life to approximately twice that of conventional tungsten-filament lamps of comparable wattage, color temperature, and light output. What’s more, it permits increasing light outputs and color temperatures to values significantly above those of conventional tungsten-filament lamps.

Neon Lamps

CML’s line of neon lamps represents one of the most economical forms of ‘power on’ indications for line voltage applications. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and performance characterstics. CML neon lamps provide superior performance under shock and vibration conditions. They also offer very low operating current. Becauseof their outstanding efficiency and cost-effectiveness, CML neon lamps are a primary indication choice among those specifying lighting for a host of aviation applications.