Product List

Protective Sleeving

Abrasion-Resistant Sleeves

Braided Polyester Chafe Guard
AE501(601/AE701 Hose), AE546(AE246 Hose), AE566(666,667 Hose)
Aeroquip hose assemblies with Braided Polyester Chafe Guard are manufactured by braiding polyester yarn onto wire braid covered hose styles. The tough polyester braid withstood 1,000,000 abrasion test cycles without exposing the wire braid. This cover adds minimal weight and does not impair hose flexibility. It has a temperature range of -65°F to +300°F. Aeroquip Braided Polyester Chafe Guard provides superior performance and is highly recommended for most sleeve applications. However, another type of sleeve should be used when environmental conditions (such as temperature) prohibit the use of Braided Polyester Chafe Guard.

AE138 (646) Chafe Sleeve
AE138 has a tough synthetic rubber scuff cover, which is fuel, oil and ozone resistant. It protects against abrasion and scuffing in ground-servicing or airborne applications through a temperature range of -65°F to +250°F.

AE208 (900005) Protective Coil
The AE208 lightweight nylon protective coil resists abrasion at temperatures from -65°F to +200°F, and will retain its shape when flexed through a temperature range of -65°F to +250°F. The coil is wound, or spirally wrapped, around the hose.

The natural gaps between coils reduce the possibility of entrapping moisture. This sleeve is recommended where hose assemblies are exposed to moisture, as well as abrasion.

AE251 (900961) Shrink Sleeve
This heat-shrinkable Polyolefin tubing is recommended where a skin-tight fit is desired. The sleeve is positioned between the end fittings and shrunk onto the hose by controlled heat. It has a recommended operating temperature range of-65°F to +275°F.

AE506 (900179) Telfon sleeve
An extruded, translucent, seamless FEP Teflon tube; this sleeve is unaffected by fuels, lube oils, coolants or solvents used in aircraft service. It is recommended for abrasion protection in high temperature applications. Its temperature range is -65°F to +400°F.

Fire-Resistant Sleeves

Integral Silcone Covered Firesleeve Hose
AE401(601/AE701 Hose), AE446(AE246 Hose), AE466(666,667 Hose)
Aeroquip silicone covered hose has an asbestos free cover, which adheres directly to the wire braid to form a smooth, tight bond. The cover’s integral design provides excellent chafe resistance, prevents “internal” sleeve chafing when band clamped and prevents fluid wicking. This hose/cover combination meets fire test requirements of TSO-C53a and TSO-C75 (specific types vary with each hose style). The silicone cover has a temperature range of -65°F. to +450°F. Contact Aeroquip for detailed information.

AE102 Firesleeve
AE102 firesleeve is used to meet the fire resistance requirements of FAA TSO-C53a and TSO-C75. This firesleeve can be identified by its orange colour outer surface. It functions effectively within a continuous operating temperature range of -650°F to +450°F.

AE272 Firesleeve
A field replaceable firesleeve; this Flexwrap sleeving has a silicone impregnated fibreglass cloth construction. It also has a split sleeve design, which makes it easier to install over hose assemblies regardless of end fitting configuration. AE272 Flexwrap meets TSO requirements for medium and high pressure Teflon hose assemblies. It has a recommended operating temperature range -65°F to +450°F.