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Concorde Batteries

Saywell International are approved distributors for the Concorde Battery Corporation.

Concorde RG®Series are renowned for superior reliability and performance which have earned them the rank of original equipment with renowned aircraft manufacturers Worldwide.


  • Superior starting power in extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Reliable essential power in the event of a generating system failure
  • Robust design for tolerance to vibration and shock
  • Recovers from deep discharge
  • Maintenance free – RG®Series batteries never need electrolyte or water • RG®Series batteries ship fully charged from the factory
  • RG®Series batteries ship non-hazmat

Saywell International have been stocking aircraft batteries for over 30 years. Our modern, air conditioned, humidity controlled warehouse along with our high stock turnover, means that your goods always reach you in optimum factory new condition.

With our existing ranges of batteries from other well known manufacturers, Saywell International is your “one stop shop” for batteries, cells, electrolyte and associated accessories.

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Aircraft Application Guide

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Please note, Installations listed may require the purchase of an STC and/or STC kit, aircraft modifications, etc. Please Contact Saywell International, Concore or the certificate holder for installation details.