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Saywell International are the UK based master distributor for Eaton. With over 30 years of Eaton (formally Aeroquip) distribution experience, our dedicated sales team have the technical and market knowledge to support the worlds fleet of aircraft.

Aeroquip Corporation was founded in 1940 in Jackson, Michigan, by Peter F. Hurst. A young German aeronautical engineer who held the patent rights to manufacture two new products designed for the aviation industry. Detachable, reusable hose fittings and self sealing couplings.

During World War II, Aeroquip products became the military standard on all US aircraft, establishing the company’s reputation as a quality supplier and leading the way in  the emerging fluid power industry. Now the Aeroquip brand name is recognised all over the world for its superior quality which is matched by no other manufacture.

In 1999 Aeroquip was acquired by Eaton corporation.

Eaton products include all pressure ranges of hose, fittings, adapters, coupling and other fluid connectors. As well as v-band clamps, straps flexible joints and ducts.

Saywell International hold a massive inventory of Eaton Aerospace product which includes our CAA and Eaton approved hose shop, which manufactures hose assemblies for all types of aircraft.

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