Product List

Clamps and Straps

Clamps and Band Straps are used in a wide variety of applications to restrain accessories, help attach ducts, bundles, tubes, hoses to structures and in many other unique applications on aircraft. Band Straps and Clamps provide support, cradling and restraint to minimize or eliminate the negative effects of vibration and shock loads. Straps and Clamps are available in a variety of material types, latching mechanisms, and shapes depending on specific design and installation requirements. Different diameters and widths are also available.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide design variety to suit standard and specialized installations
  • Eliminates negative effects of shock and vibration
  • Available in CRES for long life
  • Different latching mechanisms ease installation and maintenance

V Band Clamps

The V-band Clamp series LJ11 and J11, are used to join standard tubing for fuel, hot air, and gas systems. Although these joints are very similar in design, the LJ11 flange skirts are lighter and the gaskets thinner, except at the sealing point. Therefore, the LJ11 joint is recommended when minimum weight is needed. The J11 joints heavier construction allows for a higher degree of safety factor when necessary. Joints consist of one coupling, one gasket and two flanges.

J13 and WJ13 gasketless tube joint series, provide efficient sealing where low leakage rate is permissible. Normal uses are on ducting where weight is a critical factor. J13 & WJ13 joints consist of one coupling and two flanges. J13 style joints use a standard flange profile and WJ13 uses a wide flange profile. Depending on the joint style various material types are available, including 321 Stainless Steel, Commercially pure Titanium, and Inconel 625 or 718.

Conoseal Joints, fittings and Conomate couplings provides metal-to-metal seal with essentially zero leakage. The Conoseal Joint consists of a male and female flange and frusto-conical shaped gasket which are contained either by bolts, V-Band coupling or threaded union. These joints employ a sealing principle developed to provide the aerospace industry with an all-metal joint capable of withstanding high pressure and extreme temperatures without leakage.

Features and Benefits

  • Temperature ranges -65° F to 800° F for J11 & LJ11 styles.
  • J11 & LJ11 gaskets available in Aluminum for temperatures up to 500° F, Copper (Nickel Plated) for temperatures up to 750° F and Nickel for temperatures up to 1000° F.
  • Available in T-Bolt or Quick coupler latch styles.
  • J11 & LJ11 available in standard tube sizes one inch through nine inch diameter.
  • Temperature ranges -65° F to + 1000° F for J13 & WJ13 styles.
  • J13 & WJ13 joints are available in Titanium for temperatures up to 500° F, 321 stainless for temperatures through 800° F, and Inconel 625 or Inconel 718 for temperatures exceeding 1000° F.
  • J13 &WJ13 available in standard tube sizes one inch through six inch diameters.
  • Temperature capability -450° F to + 2000° F.
  • Accommodates extremely high pressure.
  • Withstands severe Vibration
  • Virtually leakproof (leakage rate is less than 1 x 107 standard cc/second of helium).
  • Multiple sizes and configurations available.
  • Wide range of materials available.