Product List


The HR Smith Group’s unique combination of RF design and advanced thermoplastic composite technology places it at an unparalleled advantage over the majority of other existing antenna manufacturers.

A new generation of advanced engineering thermoplastics has enabled HR Smith (Technical Developments) Limited to create antennas which have unique rain erosion qualities allied to improved impact resistance. High temperature capability and thermal stability. Additionally, superior electrical and mechanical properties and enhanced chemical resistance are combined with on-time delivery and a lower cost compared to conventional antennas.

The new thermoplastic antennas are the latest state-of-the-art products to be offered by the HR Smith Group and are designed to meet the needs of the aircraft industry into the twenty-first century.

Mechanical integrity

The antennas are constructed from advanced thermoplastic resins which have many advantages over their ‘old technology’ thermosetting counterparts.
The advantages include:

The antennas are produced to give optimum electrical performance that is maintainable throughout the life of the antenna. Together with a mechanical integrity hitherto not achieved with thermoset composite antennas.

HR Smith can offer direct replacements for the majority of in-service antennas with, in most cases, off the shelf delivery.


  • Improved rain erosion and impact resistance.
  • High temperature capability and thermal stability.
  • Void and adhesive free structures.
  • High degree of product reproduction.
  • Enhanced environmental performance.
  • Corrosion resistant assembly.
  • Free from delamination

The use of advanced thermoplastics in the construction of currently available HR Smith products has given proven performance enhancement, with over fifteen years in-service use on high speed military aircraft.

The traditional methods of assembly with component parts such as connectors, baseplate and radiating element being housed in a pre-formed thermoset shell with the resultant cavity, have been replaced by revolutionary, patented, manufacturing and design features. These features substantially eliminate the current failure modes of traditional antennas.

A new molding technique forms the radiating element as part of the process and encapsulates the baseplate and connectors.

The resultant antenna does not have any voids, printed circuit board radiating elements or unsupported radiating elements which can give rise to failures on current antennas. These antennas will not delaminate as some fibreglass antennas have done in the past. Combining this with dry fit conductive anti-corrosion RF gaskets, users achieve a ‘fit-and-forget’ antenna system at a reduced cost.

Electrical performance

The elimination of a separate radiating element and cavity in the advanced molding process ensures that the original performance is maintained throughout the life of the antenna.

Thermoplastics offer void and adhesive free assembly which provides the high quality electrical properties required for the antenna to give optimum performance.

For the first time, the new range of thermoplastic antennas offers a quality product that can have a mean time between failure approaching that of the aircraft’s life and can provide a ‘fit-and-forget’ solution.

The standard range of antennas is manufactured to be direct replacements for the range of antennas as detailed in the Antenna Cross Reference listed below.


Antenna Cross Reference (This is not the full range of antenna)


HR Smith Part Number Cross Reference Part Number

VHF Communications

10-105-112 Dayton Granger 720044
Dayton Granger VF10-222
Dayton Granger VC10-126
Dorne & Margolin DMC50-2
Dorne & Margolin DMC60-1
Comant C108
Collins 37-R2
Chelton 12-1
Sensor Systems S65-8280
Sensor Systems S65-8282
10-105-24 Dorne & Margolin DMC50-1
Sensor Systems S65-8262-2
10-105-25 Dorne & Margolin DMC50-17
10-118-20 Dayton Granger VF10-347
Chelton 16-21


10-203-1P Dorne & Margolin DMNI50-6
Dayton Granger L10-16
Commant C100-5
Chelton 10A9
Sensor Systems S65-5366-10L
10-203-2P Commant C100-2
10-203-3P Commant C100-3
Dorne & Margolin DMNI50-6
Sensor Systems S65-5366-10LC
10-203-4P Collins 237Z-1
Commant C100-4
Dorne & Margolin DMNI50-4
Sensor Systems S65-5366-2L
Dayton Granger 750147
Chelton 10A1

Glide Slope

10-204-1P Dayton Granger 720036
Dorne & Margolin DMN25-2
Chelton 17-21
Collins 37-P5
Sensor Systems S41422
10-204-3P Sensor Systems S41422-2
10-205-1P Chelton 17-20N
Colllins 37P4
Sensor Systems S41422-6
10-25-3P Chelton 17-20
Sensor Systems S41422-5
10-205-4P Dayton Granger 720036-1
Dorne & Margolin DMN25-1


10-208-2 Dayton Granger MB10-128-1
10-208-2FP Collins 37X-2
10-208-7FP Commant C1 118-1
10-208-8FP Trivec Avant 31-10-01
10-208-9FP Dorne & Margolin DMN-50


10-250-9 Dayton Granger VT10-56-6
Dorne & Margolin DMN4-17
Commant C1-120 GS
Sensor Systems S65-247-Series