Product List

Triumph Controls

Triumph Controls is a market leader in design, manufacture and overhaul of control systems for the aerospace industry. Triumph Controls combine reliability, flexibility and versatility ensuring their use in today’s state of the art air frames. Triumph Controls products are preferred by many of Europe’s leading aerospace manufacturers for controlling a range of ground, flight, engine management and cabin comfort features.

Among their capabilities are:


  • Push/Pull Controls
  • Cable Tension Regulators
  • Screw Jacks
  • Actuators

Push/Pull Controls

Using helix, flat wrap and wire rope cable controls, Triumph Control’s push/pull controls are suitable for a variety of motion control applications throughout the aerospace industry. Available with both rigid and flexible casing for easy installation and versatility. Requiring minimal or no maintenance Triumph Control’s push/pull products are a popular choice in the aircraft industry.

Cable Tension Regulators

Utilized to maintain optimum rig tensions in wire rope cable control systems, benefits include low breakout forces, lower stresses and system weight. Quadrant type regulators are installed at the control run end or the pilot end of a cable loop. Accessory and in line cable tension regulators are installed in the run length of the cable loop.

Screw Jacks

Triumph Controls design and manufacture high efficiency Screw Jacks for aerospace applications, used in the operation of aileron, elevator and rudder trim controls where quick response is essential.


Electro-mechanical actuators are designed to provide rapid and specific travel in trim controls. All designs are approved and testing is carried out in accordance withe the CAA.