Product List


Goodrich de-icing and specialty systems is the market leader in aircraft ice protection systems and are a major supplier of specialty heated products for the aviation industry.

In 1932 they developed the first commercial pneumatic ice protection system for the Northrop Alpha mail plane. Today, they continue to lead the market in pneumatic and electro thermal ice protection applications.

Saywell International are authorized distributors and maintain the complete range of de-icing products for the BAE Systems HS748 and APT aircraft.

Product Applications

Goodrich pneumatic and propeller de-icing systems are installed on virtually every aircraft equipped with on-board ice protection systems.

Their pneumatic de-Icing systems or components are original equipment on most ice protected models manufactured by regional and business aircraft manufacturers and their propeller de-icing systems are installed by leading propeller manufacturers worldwide.

Goodrich also make a variety of electrothermal de-icers and anti-icers for various aircraft applications:


  • Beech 90/00 engine inlet
  • Beechjet horizontal stabilizer
  • Bell 214ST & AH-1W engine inlets
  • Boeing CH-47 main rotor
  • Cessna 500/550 inboard wing
  • Cessna 525 pylon inlet
  • Cessna 650 horizontal stabilizer & wing fairing
  • Cessna Citation X wing fairing
  • Embraer 110/121 engine inlet
  • Fairchild Dornier 328 rudder/elevator horns
  • Fairchild-Dornier Metro oil cooler inlet
  • Kaman SH-2G gearbox fairing
  • Lockheed P-3 empennage
  • MDHC AH-64 main and tail rotors
  • Piaggio P180 canard
  • Piper Cheyenne engine inlets

Their Specialty heated components and systems and installed on a variety of applications:


Water Line Heaters
Antonov AN140
BAE Avro RJ Series
Boeing 737
Bombardier CRJ700/900

Heated Drain Masts
BAE Avro RJ Series
Boeing 727/737/747/757/767/777
Bombardier Challenger
Global Express
Fokker 50/70/100
Gulfstream G-IV/V

Lavatory/Galley Water Heater
Airbus A300 Series
Boeing 727/737/747/757/767/777
Bombardier Challenger
Global Express
Cessna Citation X
Dassault Falconjet
Gulfstream G-II/III/IV/V
Gulfstream (IAI) Galaxy
Saab 2000

Heated Floor Panels
Airbus A330/340
Boeing 767

Bidet Heater
 Boeing 777

Supplemental Air Heaters
Boeing 777
Sikorsky UH-60

Portable Water Systems
Bombardier CRJ700/900
Raytheon Hawker/Horizon
Gulfstream GV