Product List

Synthetic Rubber Hose (601, AE701)

Coverless Engine Fuel/Oil Hose (601/AE701)

This lightweight, high flexibility hose used to be sold as separate products (601 and AE701), the difference being that the AE701 hose has a specially formulated AQP elastomer compound inner tube. In lab and field-testing, this hose out-performed existing rubber hose types in terms of long life, fluid compatibility and flexibility. Now both hose type are made from this same compound and the two part numbers have been combined to 601/AE701.

Application: Aircraft power plant and airframe fuel and oil lines. It is compatible with nearly all petroleum-based oils, aviation gas, JP fuels, synthetic-based fluids, including MIL-L-7808 and MIL-l-23699 lubricating fluids and unaffected by alcohols, coolants and solvents commonly used in aerospace. The hose retains its flexibility over a long period and has unlimited shelf life.

Operating Temperatures
-65°F to +275°F

Inner tube: seamless,  elastomeric chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). Reinforcement: stainless steel wire braid consisting of partial inner braid consisting of partial inner braid and full coverage outer braid.

Shelf life
CPE is a class 3 elastomer and has an Unlimited shelf life. The service life of 601/AE701, AE501 and AE401 hose is dependant on the specific application and aircraft manufacturer’s recommendation.

Low or Medium Pressure Engine Fuel/Oil Hose with Braided Polyester Chafe Guard (AE501)

This is 601/AE701 with a blue polyester braided chafe guard, which provides superior chafe resistance and the flexibility of the hose is not impaired.

Low or Medium Pressure Engine Fuel/Oil Hose with Integral Silicone Fire Sleeve (AE401)

This is 601/AE701 with an integral silicone fire protection, which is applied directly onto the hoses metal braid and end fittings to form a smooth, tight bond. This hose/fire protection cover combination lasts many times longer than unsleeved hose and provides high performance in demanding power plant and airframe applications.

AE401 has the same minimum bend radius as 601/AE701, while meeting the fire test requirements of TSO-C53a Type C.

Common end fittings available from stock

  • Thread type: Flared (MS33656), Flareless (MS33514)
  • Thread size: -3 to -32
  • Fitting style: Straight, 45 deg, 90 deg, 4 Hole Flange
  • Material: Aluminium: Aluminum, Steel
  • Other options: Jump Size, Male thread, Lock wire holes, BSP (some sizes and styles)