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Tempest Dry Air Pumps

Saywell International hold a large inventory of all the popular Tempest dry pumps in stock. The entire range is available with the benefits of reliable performance and very competitive prices.

About Tempest™ New Pumps
Each pump is meticulously and professionally hand assembled to insure proper tolerances and clearances. This assures optimum performance. After assembly, each pump is functionally tested. After this initial testing, the pump is then disassembled, inspected for any unusual wear or abnormalities, and reassembled for a second test run. This extensive testing procedure assures that only first-class products leave our facility.

About Tempest™ Overhauled Pumps
When we receive a core, it is disassembled and all carbon is discarded.  Tempest never re-uses carbon. The hard anodise is stripped from the centre stator and the stator is inspected for cracks. We then perform a reconditioning of the I.D. After the reconditioning process, each stator is meticulously inspected for proper dimensions. The stator then receives a new hard anodise coating. We inspect 100% of the parts that we re-use in the overhaul process to make sure that each part meets the requirements for our FAA-Approved process specification 203-6-1009.

Example part numbers:


New units Overhauled units
AA3215CC 215CC
AA3216CW 216CW
AA241CC 241CC
AA242CW 242CW
AA441CC 441CC
AA442CW 442CW