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Internal Swage Fittings (Harrison)

Eaton Internal swage fittings are a range of separable ridge tube end fittings commonly used in aerospace fluid transfer applications. They are also referred as “Harrison”, “Stanley Aviation” or “Sierracin” fittings, due to the history of the product. In 2003 Stanley Aviation (then part of Cobham plc), acquired the Harrison division from Sierracin Corporation. Then in 2005 Eaton acquired Stanley Aviation as part of its acquisition of Cobham’s aerospace business.

Elastomeric Swage

Eaton internal elastomeric swage fittings (Two-groove) were developed to provide a simple, yet reliable method to attach separable end fittings to rigid tubes for the demanding aerospace environment. These fittings provide a lightweight and cost effective alternative to welding, brazing, or other mechanically attached methods.


Internal Swaging

Internal swaging is a mechanical method for the attachment of fittings to tubing. This is accomplished by forming tubing outward into grooves within the fitting. The following advantages can be realized from this technique.


  • No special tube end preparation (cleaning or sizing)
  • Very rapid fabrication (seconds per connection)
  • No X-ray inspection required
  • No flushing or ball-check test required
  • Reduces scrap rate
  • Improved fatigue performance vs. braze
  • No heat-affected zones or heat-induced distortion
  • No stress-relieving required

These advantages can result in significant installed cost savings. The use of Eaton internal swage fittings is ideally compatible with CAD/CAM systems for tube assembly production. Mechanical attachment at room temperature is a plus in situations where flammability is a concern.

Fitting Features

  • Fittings are made of high- strength alloys (15-5 CRES, 7075 Aluminum, 6AL-4V Titanium)
  • Flared fitting with machined metal sealing surface eliminates tube flare cracking
  • Flared fitting uses a 2-angle face which results in a line-contact seal allowing up to 4° angular misalignment
  • Various Flareless styles are available which are compatible with all flareless systems in use today
  • Lipseal fittings provide excellent sealing due to a flexible beam surface plus maximum fitting interface clearance
  • Available in sizes from 1/4” (6.35mm) through 1-1/2” (38 mm).


Roller Swage

(Three- groove)
Feature Highlights…

  • High performance and light weight at nominal cost
  • Interchangeable with MS21922 sleeve and MS21902 union
  • Attaches virtually to any tubing material, hardness and thickness with minimum tube end preparation
  • Fast and simple attachment method by using Eaton’s roller swager machine and tooling
  • Extensively tested, approved and utilized by major aerospace manufacturers Eaton’s Three-Groove Sleeve and Union fittings are attached by internally swaging (i.e. expanding) the tubing into annular grooves within the fitting by means of the roller expander.
    This is a proven technique which has been utilized by the industry for over 25 years. The main swaging element of internally swaged system is the roller expander supported with any of Eaton’s automatic (model 6777, 8777), semi-automatic (model 4777) swaging machines. The system provides a positive, reliable metal-to-metal seal that surpasses the performance requirements of industry and government specifications.


  • Fully qualified for 3000 psi operating pressure per AS18280, ISO 7169, AS 4459
  • Fully qualified for 4000 psi operating pressure per MIL-F-85421