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APS “Black Steel” Brake Discs & Linings

Saywell International are a distributor for Aviation Products Systems Inc (APS) of Illinois, USA.  APS offer cost effective, high quality brake discs, linings and pins from their trademark “Black Steel” range to suit a huge variety of aircraft, as well as long lasting silicone replacement gaskets for many Lycoming engines.

We hold a large inventory, including all the popular brakes, linings and rivets.


APS “Black Steel” brake discs

APS Black Steel brake discs are truly unique, an innovation in aircraft braking systems.

Black Steel brake discs are machined from a one-piece heavy steel forging which creates a directional grain flow that follows the contour of the disc. The directional grain flow means the disc has no weld line to break which greatly reduces the risk of cracking. The forgings are machined and then put through APS’s proprietary heat treatment process where they are transformed into their signature “Black Steel” brake disc.

The heat treatment strengthens the steel by bonding the carbon, oxygen and nitrogen in the top layer of the metal. The “Black Steel” process is not a coating; it is actually a transformation of the top layer of metal, providing corrosion resistance throughout the life of the disc.


APS Linings

There are two types of lines available through APS: Semi-Metallic (abrasive) and Metallic (adherent).

Semi-Metallic Linings
APS Semi-Metallic linings are made with Kevlar fibres integrated into the material, providing the greatest stopping power and long lining life. The optimal operating temperature of this type of lining is 38 Degree C – 316 Degree C ( 100 Degree F – 600 Degree F).

Metallic Linings
APS metallic linings are constructed from an innovative design which includes highly durable materials for longer wear, superior stopping power and reliability. The back plates of the linings are flashed with a high-grade copper which acts as a first-rate bonding agent for the friction material, enhances heat transfer and provides extensive corrosion protection to the back plates. The optimal operation temperature for this type of lining is 316 Degree C – 649 Degree C (600 Degree F – 1200 Degree F).