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Tempest Fuel Pumps

Lycoming Fuel Pumps
Tempest™ has the most extensive offering of FAA approved overhauled engine driven diaphragm fuel pumps available anywhere. All internal parts are replaced with new certified parts. The actuating arms are magnetic particle test inspected; cast parts are inspected for wear, corrosion and cracks.We overhaul both the older laminated and newer channel style fuel pumps for normally aspirated, pressure carburettor, and fuel injected systems. We even support many experimental category aircraft and can offer full service research and development to build the unique configuration you need. Give us a call with your request.

Rayjay Fuel Pumps
RayJay fuel pumps are modified versions of the standard AC/Lycoming types used on specific aircraft equipped with RayJay turbochargers. The modifications include an upper deck reference port and a slightly stronger diaphragm spring to increase the fuel pressure for the turbocharger at a higher altitude.

Continental Fuel Pumps
Original equipment fuel pumps for early TCM engines, and airplanes such as the Ercoupe or Globe Swift were once extremely hard to find and their price reflected it. Tempest Listened to you, our customers, and now offers the most popular models at an affordable price. Choose from FAA-PMA factory new models or our FAA Approved overhauled models.