New Dash 8 Inventory from Amakusa Airlines

16th August 2016

Saywell International are pleased to announce the arrival of two forty foot container loads of Dash 8 spares.

The package from Amakusa Airlines, contains large quantities of rotable and consumable equipment including an APU, propeller, avionics, spoiler actuator, flap power unit, rudder actuator and leading edge assemblies.

Amakusa Airlines are based in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, operating regional services with a main base at Amakusa Airfield.  Growth in passenger numbers led to a change from the Dash 8-103 to the larger ATR42 aircraft type.  Our dedicated team of experienced staff are on hand 24/7 to handle enquiries.  Inventory levels can be checked via the Saywell website, on ILS or Partsbase.