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Ozone Converter Services

BASF has developed proprietary cleaning processes that can remove contaminants responsible for reduction in Deoxo® catalytic activity. These processes can restore the catalyst to “like-new” condition, and can be performed multiple times without compromising catalyst core integrity.

In general, catalysts have a long lifetime. However, air stream contaminants can deposit on the catalyst surface reducing catalytic activity over time. Sulfur, phosphorous, and silica-bearing compounds are the prime contaminants responsible for this reduction.

After decades of research, BASF developed a chemical cleaning process that removes masking agents without deteriorating the catalyst substrate or ozone conversion efficiency. BASF can replace catalyst cores, returning the units to “zero-time” efficiencies, utilizing original BASF catalyst products.

BASF Regeneration Process

BASF has developed a specific regeneration process for its proprietary ozone converters.

BASF and Saywell offer a highly competitive pricing for functional evaluation, maintenance and repair services. Volume Discounts and Contract Pricing are available. We offer 24-hour AOG service, rotable programs, and core exchange programs.

BASF’s repair services can increase the life of ozone converters, decreasing total cost-per-hour over the service life of an aircraft.